Dave Jayie Live on 5FM, Talks being 5fm’s Artist On The Rise, Plays 5 second rule.

Dave Jayie: The Story Of | A Special Mini Documentary Event

Dave Jayie's profile featured on the DAILY SUN paper

This is a new high for the musician, who came into the spotlight as an artist ready to take over the local pop scene when he released his single SOS.

The Limpopo-born musician, whose real name is David Junior Moraba, told SunBuzz: “I took some time out and observed everything that has been happening in the past months as a result of the pandemic.

“I decided to make a feel-good song that will help people take their mind off things and build an escape for them, even if it is for that three minutes the song is playing.”

Dave Jayie has made the TOP 10 POP CHARTS with 5FM

Dave Jayie Makes His Official Debut Entry on to Apple Music's "New In Hip Hop" Playlist With His Brand-new Single, “WINNING”

22-year-old, Limpopo-born pop artist, Dave Jayie’s newest single, “Winning” has made it to the official Apple Music “New in Hip Hop” playlist after releasing the song on Friday, 23 October 2020. Having only released three singles in his career so far, this young artist has shown a great deal of promise from a very young age by opening for Freshly Ground in his pre-teen years and performing alongside established artists like Patty Monroe at a show last year in Cape Town.

Dave’s music is a mixture of different genres boasting a unique pop star aesthetic with a signature style of melodic rap and RnB/Hip Hop inspired lyrics. His new single, “Winning” matches his refreshing flow with a funky trap beat whose lyrics speak to the very relatable subject of trying to be wealthy and famous without disregarding his work ethics that he hopes will lead to his success.

Over and above being a fresh, young budding pop star, Dave is also very proud of his independence as an artist and is cognizant of the importance of owning your own music. “We live in a digital era where audiences from across the world can be reached with a click of a button, therefore being signed to an independent label (GCCM) and eliminating the middle man in order to keep my profits is a route I am willing take. I regard myself as an all-round musician because I sing, song-write, produce and record my own music”, says Dave.

Dave Jayie’s new single “Winning” featured on: Apple Music playlist:  “New in Hip Hop”
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He is a well-rounded music writer, singer and a performer. He has been in the music industry for over 17 years on toe to toe. Him and Verrer, his wife, have released in their music-career, five albums a while back. They both have achieved big in the music industry with resources that looked limited compared to current. Their music has touched the young and the old throughout the entire market space.

David has graduated twice with the University of Limpopo and further obtained a college certificate in the United States of America. He holds other business qualifications with the University of South Africa & University of Free State respectively.

He is currently pursuing his interests in the legal fraternity.




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